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I Lossens Time

I Lossens Time/The Hour Of The Lynx is based on a play by PO Enquist and directed by Soren Kragh-Jacobsen. It opens in theatres in Denmark on May 23, in September in Sweden and late 2013 in the UK.

Here you can listen to a few of the tracks in the score.

Eat It!

EAT IT! is a fabulous circus and performance show by Rebecca Westholm; a trans-medial work prone to reinvent the idea of the female body as in circus as in life. I composed the music for this wonderful show that premiered in Stockholm in January 2013. 


Dyret wins the Danish Academy Award for best short fiction 2013

Lundströms bokradio

I made the jingle and music package for a new literature show on Sveriges radio P1. The show opened on sept 8 2012 and is hosted by Marie Lundström.


I made the jingle for Djurakuten. It premiered in September 2012 and is the most popular show on TV 3.

Putins Kiss

Putins Kiss opens in cinemas across Denmark on January 17 2012. The film has gotten very good reviews and won several awards.
The Documenatry Cinematography Award at the Sundance Film Festival
Best Documentary at the TV Festival in Denmark
Honorary mention at Nordic Panorama in Helsinki
The Danish Bodil prize for best documentary


The shortfilm Astrid by Fijona Jonuzi is in competition at Göteborgs International Film Festival. 27 Jan- 6 Feb. It is also shown on Swedish Television, SVT 1 on january 3, 2013.

Den största av dom största

The theatre play "Den största av de största" opened on dec 3 2011. Tobias Hylander has made sound design and music for this critically acclaimed piece.